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Wireless XUNLING “high yield, high efficiency and high quali

Date:2019-06-03Browse number:82

At this stage, to facilitate timely communication between workshop staffs...

Infinite XUNLING/ Tasting Sichuan Tea fragrance conveys Cul

Date:2019-06-03Browse number:181

Tea tasting, is not only a traditional custom of Chinese, but also a kind of spirit enjoyment....

Wireless XUNLING walked into the site

Date:2019-06-03Browse number:164

Home ownership, it is a tradition from ancient times. Living as four prerequisite of survival, became a important indicators of judging the peoples well-being.In todays rapid economic development, with modern machinery, buildings housing buildings go up, ...

XUNLING joined in Nanjing Metro, public safety is

Date:2019-06-03Browse number:2169

With development of orbits, the MTR has become an important public transport. In order to ensure the safety of travelers, from September 1, 2016, all net 121 stations of Nanjing Metro began running ...

SINGCALL hospital wireless calling system applied in Kunming

Date:2016-11-09Browse number:173

In the year 2014, SINGCALL hospital and nursing home wireless call system sold well in medical industry, keeping the market occupancy which other brands can not get. In the back of this good achievement, all SINGCALL people work steadily, trying to do the...

SINGCALL system joints hands with “Romantic Tai”

Date:2016-11-09Browse number:155

In the year 2014, SINGCALL calling system keeps its first choice brand in restaurant by its elegant and fashionable exterior designs and perfect before and after sale services, occupying the market share of most...

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