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What SINGCALL can do for you?

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As well-known brand which focus on the wireless calling industry for more than ten years, SINGCALL has been committed to the rapid development of wireless calling technology research and development, precision manufacturing, professional sales. "Wireless SINGCALL, unlimited service", SINGCALL provide the best quality wireless calling products, best of industry solutions, the most intimate pre-sales, after-sales service for new and old customers around the globe with the principle of good faith and high quality.

Industry wireless calling product configuration expert 

SINGCALL understand various industries calling requirements and characteristics because of the more than ten years’ focus, also SINGCALL has full of experience on configuration and usage because of tens of millions of industry cases. Choosing SINGCALL means the choice of wireless calling configuration expert, SINGCALL can provide you with the most practical use of the program and the most cost-effective wireless calling products based on your industry and needs. We SINGCALL can provide you:

Restaurants, Internet cafes and other leisure and entertainment places: guest calls the service personnel system; catering kitchen call the front desk system; wireless queuing and calling number system; wireless coaster paging system.

Banks: bank teller calls the persons in charge of bank system; customer call bank personnel system; emergency calling system of bank.

Medical care for the elderly: Patients call medical personnel system; medical personnel emergency calling system; toilet emergency calling system.

Construction Site category: floor call elevator system; engineering materials call engineering vehicle system.

Prisons, schools, welfare homes: interrogation room, classroom emergency call for security personnel; dormitory call floor tube.

Hotel: check-out wireless calling system.

Station, airport: waiting room, security emergency calling system.

Provide "private custom" service according to customers’ demands
When the customer's requirement is complex, special, the common SINGCALL products cannot meet it, SINGCALL can provide you with a "private custom" service, that is, according to the nature of your site and the specific requirement, through technical improvements to meet your call management needs.

Wireless calling system quality assurance:
SINGCALL product has stable signal and long distance. Compared with other similar products, the average penetration of SINGCALL is the strongest and life is the longest, is the most cost-effective brand products in the industry
Selecting SINGCALL brand is equivalent to the choice of multiple quality assurance: a strong R & D team, the most high-quality imported components, strict production processes, professional product packaging and transport operations.

Covering the national marketing network and after-sales service system:
Covering major provinces and cities nationwide, thousands of SINGCALL marketing service network  provide you with the most professional products usage scheme , the most attentive door to door testing service and all day 24 hours after the installation service and technical support and guidance.

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