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How to choose call button brand?

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Wireless call button, the wisdom of the convenient service ages, with its small form factor,  simple installation process, convenient and flexible products is more and more widely used by the industry.In recent years, with the development of wireless calling industry,wireless call button brand is also increasing, which somewhat confused customers while purchaseing wireless call button, don't know which brand to choose.Today wireless SINGCALL with great strength for his endorsement, eliminate your confusion, enjoy call button brand.

In 2003, SINGCALL introduced Korea advanced wireless calling technology, considered the actual situation of Chinese wireless  calling market and created SINGCALL brand.Starting from the brand, SINGCALL kept exploring and innovativing, developed to be famouse wireless calling market brand with unique market  capture  and consistent good faith rapidly.

SINGCALLl brand Word: 

One, strong brand foundation

(1), international certification and global brand,SINGCALL is global brand with FCC (United States Federal Communications Commission certification), CE (European Union quality certification) in the pager industry .

(2), huge domestic and international market share: with its high performance, SINGCALL products occupy a strong domestic and international share.Keep on the basis of the first domestic market share , rapidly expanding international market, products are exported to the United States,  Russia, and Thailand, Singapore,  Viet Nam, Europe and other places.In 2014, SINGCALL call button sales exceeded 600,000 and SINGCALL market share can be seen.

(3) mature research team: Korea advanced wireless technology as the Foundation, based on China's wireless calling areas, maximizeing the advantages of wireless modulation technology, consumer needs combined with technology, creating a very forward-looking and practical wireless calling products.

(4)complete market management system: according to SINGCALL many years  experience in marketing operations both inside and outside, SINGCALL developed a complete market management system and maximum ensured SINGCALL  product in normal price system and sales order management.

Two , rich wireless system product line
‘Because single-minded, so professional,SINGCALL focused on wireless industry for more than 10 years, compared to other call button products brand,SINGCALL has a more perfect product system. Products related to hardware and software categories, mainly covers wireless calling, take meals calling and emergency alarm calling three categories. Now has more than 30 utility model and design patents and a variety of strong product range to meet different needs of different industries and different customers.

Third, detailed and  practical industry solutions
13  years wireless calling industry market experience, accumulated large amount of industry knowledge for SINGCALL, combined with the characteristics of different industries, teased out dozens of wireless calling system industry solutions according to different requirements and provided customers with more specific, detailed and practical reference.

Four, strong technical support, providing customers with high end ‘personal custom’products
Rich experience in the wireless industry , strong technical support, SINGCALL extends the products according to customer's special needs, combined with customer’s requirements, procedures and changes to hardware and software and provide professional products for private custom.Meeting the special needs of customers and underscoring the customer personality at the same time.

Five, perfect after-sale service system
After more than 10 years of brand road paving SINGCALL has formed a perfect after-sale service system throughout the country,
(1) ,SINGCALL wireless communication manufacturer provides customers with a free 24-hour after-sales hotline service  and professional guiance at all times .
(2), During the product warranty period  manufacturer bears all the result of products includeing shipping charges.

(3), There are wireless SINGCALL agent distribution network in provincial capitals and major cities of China, anytime, anywhere for users to provide the most professional, timely and thoughtful pre-sale and after-sale service.

Wireless SINGCALL with the strength to speak for themselves, with quality pave the road of brand and provide you with the best wireless call button anywhere, anytime .

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