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XUNLING appears at G 2 0 summit, which bu

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Group leaders in 20 countries (G20)Hangzhou summit that is looked forward by lots of people ends on the evening of september5,2016,

Beautiful scener of the west lake, magnificent scenery of the qiantang river. Zhang yimou hosted a theatrical performance on the water named “The best memory of jiangnan is Hangzhou”.

However, the friendly service that has some Chinese marks makes people fell more comfortable, which was compared by the elements that was seen all over streets of Hangzhou. Millions of volunteers served at G20 summit, who provided lots of security. In addition, the use of wireless call also played an important role at G20 summit. XUNLING wireless call injected new vitality with its enthusiastic face, which has also showed its unique charm to all over the world. 

Xihuguo hotel was regarded as the most important place of G20 Hangzhou summit, who has already received over 40 heads of state or politicians including Nixon and Nelson Mandela since the year of 1953 when Mao Zedong got accommodation at xihuguo hotel at the fires time. The meeting of Chairman xi jinping and Obama was held at xihuguo hotel at the G2O summit.
XUNLING wireless call that amazed people a lot during its appearance at the G20 hangzhou summit helped a lot. XUNLING wireless call provided a strong and powerful logistics security at xihuguo hotel where accommodated many important leaders. The wide use of XUNLING wireless call provided timely and accurate service, which makes leaders of many countries enjoyed more comfortable and caring service. Because of our caring service, all leaders felt themselves at home, and they all ate and lived comfortably.

The wireless calls installed at xihuguo hotel included APE560 named Hamburg pager, APE6600 named wrist mobile receive host. The guests can press APE560 named Hamburg pager in all kinds of places at the hotel to call the waiters when they needs to order, drink water and so on. At the same time, waiters can receive all demands given by guests by APE6600 who was worn on waiters’wrist.As soon as APE6600 receives signal from APE560,it will play a music or put a vibration to remind waiters. In addition, APE6600 can also show the number of location that needs helping.
XUNLING was regarded a witness which provided the most caring service during the G20 summit. It showed our most caring service to the world by its perfect performance at the commit. Meanwhile, XUNLING also brands a Chinese mark to G20 commit---friendly、caring、considerate.
Nowadays ,XUNLING bears a new mission to advance the development of the wireless call actively ,leads the pace of industry, drives the trend of pager development after the G20 summit, which aims to make much contribution to  wireless call industry.
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