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How to choose a wireless call button?

Date:2019-06-03Browse number:93

As a common communication tool for businessmen and individuals, wireless callbuttonadopts high-tech design concept and is committed to the goal of improving service and work efficiency. ...

How to use XUNLING call button in the hospital ward?

Date:2019-06-03Browse number:156

As the main product of our company, XUNLING call button has been widely used in many hospitals in different regions at present, and the response effect is very good. Learning how to use XUNLING wireless call button in the hospital ward can effectively gu...

What interference wireless signal ?

Date:2019-06-03Browse number:182

1, Has a high power frequency or magnetic and signal shielding system environment.For example, mobile devices site near the station,nearby electromagnetic power in refrigerators, air conditioners...

Cost-performance ratio of XUNLING wireless pager

Date:2019-06-03Browse number:250

As an international brand, Singcall its main advantages are as the following: 1, Cost-performance ratio All products in the domestic brand, XUNLINGs price / performance is highest, and its greatest feature is of stability, then a variety o...

Unloading Steps for SINGCALL APE560 wireless button Base

Date:2016-01-05Browse number:217

SINGCALL hamburger-shaped wireless button APE560 which is honored “King of signal) has always been loved by our customers. The sales amount also stays the first in our products. Some new customers...

What differences between the call button and walkie-talkie

Date:2015-12-22Browse number:177

Whether the call button or walkie-talkie, both are wireless electronic products, they both rely on wireless signal to work, the two biggest difference is that the walkie-talkie is used between the use of staff, to improve work efficiency; and wireless cal...

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