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Wireless XUNLING “high yield, high efficiency and high quali

Date:2019-06-03Browse number:85

At this stage, to facilitate timely communication between workshop staffs...

XUNLING wireless Calling system Enters the Spring Old Expo t

Date:2019-06-03Browse number:566

On March 7, the three-day 2019Spring Chengdu International Old-age Services Exposition was held in the New International Convention and Exhibition Center of Chengdu Century City. The Exposition centered on the theme of integration of medical care and inte...

Infinite XUNLING/ Tasting Sichuan Tea fragrance conveys Cul

Date:2019-06-03Browse number:183

Tea tasting, is not only a traditional custom of Chinese, but also a kind of spirit enjoyment....

How to choose a wireless call button?

Date:2019-06-03Browse number:112

As a common communication tool for businessmen and individuals, wireless callbuttonadopts high-tech design concept and is committed to the goal of improving service and work efficiency. ...

Wireless XUNLING escorts Qingdao SCO summit in an all-round

Date:2019-06-03Browse number:851

Qingdao, Mengxia, Global Focus! On June 9-10...

How to use XUNLING call button in the hospital ward?

Date:2019-06-03Browse number:156

As the main product of our company, XUNLING call button has been widely used in many hospitals in different regions at present, and the response effect is very good. Learning how to use XUNLING wireless call button in the hospital ward can effectively gu...

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